Creativity Within Reach: SoundCloud’s Contribution to the Modern Music World

The chances of artists getting recognized for their talent is a tedious task, especially with no means to get their art publicized. The outdated practice of selling CD’s on the streets now has a more modern twist. With the progression of technology allowing artists to publish their work, the industry welcomes an influx on new creativity. Soundcloud, the free music platform, has conducted a musical revolution for underground artists and has given them the resources they need in order to be heard.

Soundcloud allows producers to share their music without being signed, with no cost, and no necessary following. This balances out opportunities for upcoming musicians without the means to distribute their work. As much underground talent as there is, SoundCloud,  creating an even playing field, impacts the industry more than ever before. This opportunity has greatly affected those like Kamil Rockson (10KREGAL), a 18 year old aspiring musician. 

Kamil Rockson: 18 Year Old SoundCloud Rapper – @10KREGAL

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 6.16.52 PM.png

To me it’s really it’s really  just a great way to put your music on a platform for free. Everyone gets the chance to have equal opportunity from the music platform whether you’re an artist on the rise or an artist who has already made it.

The advancement of technology is completely responsible for the new creativity found in modern music, and it is steeply inclining. SoundCloud’s freedom creates a community of talented, young artists, and with resources right at the fingertips of virtually anyone, the industry welcomes new waves and trends. Producer Brady Luallen takes advantage of SoundCloud as a platform “because its free, everyone has one.” Being a 19 year old college student, finding the resources to create and share music can be extremely burdensome, but the new found freedom to create gives no restrictions.

Brady Luallen: 19 Year Old SoundCloud Producer – @Lou

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 6.18.49 PM.png

The internet and the transition from analog to digital made the ability of making music affordable and easier.

Not only is SoundCloud for unknown, upcoming artists, but many famous and accomplished musicians use it to post raw, unpolished songs. Lana Del Rey’s “Cherry Blossoms” , a song featuring slow drums, violin, and Lana’s haunting voice, is unavailable on any other platform besides SoundCloud. This is a useful tactic that many artists such as Lana, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller etc. use to present rougher projects, and even remixes. Despite the slight lower quality opposed to mastered albums, the public has access to more music.

As technology progresses more resources and rights will be granted to smaller artists. Due to SoundCloud’s policy, artists only get 85 cents per like. Being a SoundCloud rapper may not earn you much, but it is a place where many people have started their journey to fame. While all the necessary tools are in the hands of just about everyone, the industry of music is jumping into a branch of new concepts. As long as the underdogs of music continue to be supported, the future of music will progress faster than ever before.

Editorial by Mckinley Argyle 

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