Courtney Barnett and Sunflower Bean: A Recap

Hailing from Australia, Courtney Barnett has yet to falter in her powerful, highly expressive discography. Famous for her ability to turn stories of everyday occurrences into unforgettable melodies, her subject matter is just as captivating as her raw talent for the guitar. Now on the road, we had a chance to catch Courtney Barnett this past week at The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum.

Touring with Courtney Barnett, Sunflower Bean was another one of the many highlights of the night. Led by eccentric bassist and lead vocalist Julia Cumming, the trio from New York blew us away. Lead guitarist Nick Kivlen certainly made his mark, playing enough to be handled by two guitarists. Jacob Faber impressed on drums as well, fitting perfectly with the sonic aesthetic that the band was reaching for. Sunflower Bean’s talent as a group is evident in their performance, and we invite you all to stream their newest EP, King of the Dudes.

Sunflower Bean

Courtney Barnett, the headliner of the night, blew us away with her set. Barnett’s newest release, Tell Me How You Really Feel, was featured plentifully on stage, and frankly we can’t complain. Evident in her performances of “Nameless, Faceless“, “I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch,” and “City Looks Pretty,” the prowess that Courtney Barnett has shown in years past seeps out of her new work. Donned with stage lighting reminiscent of her latest album’s cover art, the performance felt intimate and genuine while retaining the same charm that her studio recordings hold. Fans of her early releases were not disappointed, as Courtney pulled generously from her first two albums. Her performance of “Avant Gardener,” often regarded as the staple track from The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, was certainly one of the highlights of the night. From her second album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, Courtney featured “Elevator Operator,” “Small Poppies,” “Depreston,” and the ever-so-popular “Pedestrian at Best,” along with others.

Though her Dallas show didn’t include an encore, we left feeling that we had experienced one of the best, most complete performances in our recent memory. Courtney Barnett’s renown artistry and lovable stage presence wrapped up an incredible concert, one that we were happy to witness.

Recap by Nick Simpson

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