Hozier, “Wasteland, Baby!” Review

It’s 2014, you’re flipping through radio stations or skimming through Spotify’s New Releases, and suddenly the familiar tune of “Take Me to Church” begins to play.

This song took the world by storm, peaking at #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Hozier’s unique voice and instrument heavy sound had young children singing along, and adults connecting with the true message.

Now, a long 5 years later, the world has been graced once again by the musical stylings of Andrew Hozier-Byrne. Titled, “Wasteland, Baby” the irish musician has continued his mysterious aura and soulful sound. Towards the end of 2018, fans all over the world recieved a sneak peak of the album through the release of an EP “Nina Cried Power”, featuring the title track as a single. Listeners of his first album, Hozier, quickly connected the nature allusions and animism found in the new single to tracks like “East of Eden” and “In a Week.” Upon the release of the full album in February of 2019, it is evident that over 5 years, Hozier worked on staying true to his original sound that earned him his popularity back in 2014. In songs like “No Plan” and “Be” , the artist’s easy-going character is revealed through his lyrical message of going with the flow and acceptance of the universes chosen path. My personal favorite track, titled “Movement,” carries a light hearted sound and minimal instrumental use, focusing heavily on his true voice. Hozier’s ability to focus on and deliver such intimate details on any muse of his choice magnify how much heart and passion flows into his music. Anyone who supported Hozier back in 2014 and woke up everyday for the past 5 years hoping to hear of new releases or leaked studio recordings, felt nothing short of blessed by the fervent consistency of this artist presented in this new album. With this 14 track album, Hozier has proved once again, that with his provoking voice, 6 strings, and an occasional drum set, he can easily be considered a creator of timeless, feel-good music.

Review by Ariana Navarro

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