An Ode to Mac Miller

Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain. Looking back on an artist’s work seems almost incomplete when their life was taken away at such a young age. Artists in their twenties have barely grasped the edge of their creative ability, and tears fall as music lovers reminisce on what could have been. Mac Miller was a truly modern musician. He redefined the genre … Continue reading An Ode to Mac Miller

Where We’ve Been: July-August.

Howdy everyone, You might have noticed a slight lapse in our activity so I thought I’d give a small explanation for what’s been happening. Introducing Our Representatives Program: The Dallas Sound Machine has humbly grew in size in the past few months but we’ve decided its time to spread the love to all the Dallas ‘Burbs. One by one we’re ticking off the surrounding suburbs … Continue reading Where We’ve Been: July-August.

Creativity Within Reach: SoundCloud’s Contribution to the Modern Music World

The chances of artists getting recognized for their talent is a tedious task, especially with no means to get their art publicized. The outdated practice of selling CD’s on the streets now has a more modern twist. With the progression of technology allowing artists to publish their work, the industry welcomes an influx on new creativity. Soundcloud, the free music platform, has conducted a musical … Continue reading Creativity Within Reach: SoundCloud’s Contribution to the Modern Music World

Frank Ocean Blonde Review-Dissection, “A Sonic Gallery”

The story behind an album is always interesting to hear, the meaning behind the imagery painted in the songs is what shows us the beautiful worlds artists create. Frank Ocean isn’t just a master of storytelling through sounds, but a master of storytelling through words. Before Blonde, Ocean had released his mixtape Nostalgia, ULTRA, featuring hit singles “Swim Good” and “Novacane”, and his debut studio … Continue reading Frank Ocean Blonde Review-Dissection, “A Sonic Gallery”

Snail Mail Lush Review

Snail Mail first came on the alternative radar in 2016 with her debut Habit-EP, which hasn’t waned in relevance since. The solo project headed by female instrumentalist and vocalist Lindsey Jordan was only 17 when the EP was released, proving that impactful music doesn’t always come with age. Since then she’s been on joint tours, been featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Series, played some major … Continue reading Snail Mail Lush Review

Willow Smith ARDIPITHECUS Review

Willow Smith. You may know her from her celebrity parents, Jada and Will Smith, and her older brother, Jaden Smith, who has also made a name for himself in the music and acting industry. Despite growing up with such famous parents, Willow has shown that she has a unique and exceptional talent of her own. Many recognize Willow from her first single, “Whip My Hair,” … Continue reading Willow Smith ARDIPITHECUS Review

Florence + The Machine, Hunger. The New Golden Age

I was recently asked to write about the “new golden age of alternative female artists” and although I think I probably missed the true era of unapologetic female rockers like Blondie, Stevie Nicks, and Joan Jett I will say that there is one female artist of the 2000’s (and last month) that I am unconditionally in love with, and that is Florence Welch of Florence … Continue reading Florence + The Machine, Hunger. The New Golden Age