Teacher Talks – “Music’s Effect on Creativity” – Izak Santana

Music sparks creativity. Whether it be a favorite album playing while finishing up some homework, or actually learning an instrument, the effect music has on creating new ideas and thoughts is outstanding. This value and importance that music has as a hearth of creativity is valued greatly by a McKinney High School teacher, Izak Santana. Izak Santana has been an English teacher at MHS for … Continue reading Teacher Talks – “Music’s Effect on Creativity” – Izak Santana

Teacher Talks – “Looking Out for the Little Guy” – Mark Bayer

The music industry has always kept the same big artists at the top, and ever rarely let an underground artist blow up. It seems that within the past decade or so, a new collaborative hit from DJ Khaled, a record breaking track by Drake, or the same run of a mill song by Taylor Swift is topping the music billboards. These popular artists are choking … Continue reading Teacher Talks – “Looking Out for the Little Guy” – Mark Bayer

Arthur Russell, “World of Echo” Review

Experimental music often lacks a human touch. In its rejection of common musical tropes to create something daring and unprecedented artists often make the mistake of leaving out powerful emotion, which creates the impression that no one is meant to like the music. It is meant for hipsters and self-serious jackasses who listen to music to establish credibility rather than for enjoyment (bad experimental music, … Continue reading Arthur Russell, “World of Echo” Review

Hozier, “Wasteland, Baby!” Review

It’s 2014, you’re flipping through radio stations or skimming through Spotify’s New Releases, and suddenly the familiar tune of “Take Me to Church” begins to play. This song took the world by storm, peaking at #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Hozier’s unique voice and instrument heavy sound had young children singing along, and adults connecting with the true message. Now, a long 5 years later, … Continue reading Hozier, “Wasteland, Baby!” Review

Denzel on Parade

Is punk dead? Denzel Curry definitely doesn’t think so, after his incredible rendition of Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine. Triple J, an Australian radio station and popular Youtube channel, has provided the music world with off the wall covers by intermingling polar opposites of artists and music, and this recent cover by Denzel is no exception. Rage Against the Machine has been … Continue reading Denzel on Parade

The Jonas Brothers: Back From the Grave to Melt our Aging Teenage Hearts

In 2006 we had It’s about Time, The Jonas Brothers in 2007, A Little Bit Longer in 2008, and Lines, Vines, and Trying Times in 2009. The Jonas Brothers dominated pop music and became a staple of the 2000s. But yet, as quickly as they rose to pop stardom, they went their separate ways. Kevin getting married, Nick pursuing a Solo act (Nick Jonas and … Continue reading The Jonas Brothers: Back From the Grave to Melt our Aging Teenage Hearts

Courtney Barnett and Sunflower Bean: A Recap

Hailing from Australia, Courtney Barnett has yet to falter in her powerful, highly expressive discography. Famous for her ability to turn stories of everyday occurrences into unforgettable melodies, her subject matter is just as captivating as her raw talent for the guitar. Now on the road, we had a chance to catch Courtney Barnett this past week at The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum. Touring … Continue reading Courtney Barnett and Sunflower Bean: A Recap

Hip Hop Round-up 2/22/19

**WARNING: EXPLETIVES WILL BE USED IN THE FOLLOWING ROUND-UP AS THEY ARE LYRICS TO THE SONGS BEING REVIEWED. THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THESE SONGS MAY ALSO BE OFFENSIVE. IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE TOPICS I’VE MENTIONED ABOVE DO NOT READ. THANK YOU.** Harverd Dropout – Album – Lil Pump 9/10 After the highly anticipated album was delayed following its announcement, many were left wondering … Continue reading Hip Hop Round-up 2/22/19