The Beginning of The Ends

Meet The Ends, an eclectic trio of McKinney-based youth quickly building a name for themselves in the Dallas music scene. The Ends consist of drummer Carlos Echeverria, bassist Jackson Douglas, and guitarist Santi Lara, with Santi and Douglas creating a diverse duo on the vocals. The trio is evidence of the prevalence of the rock and alternative rock genres with the youth, as their healthy mix … Continue reading The Beginning of The Ends

Jack White Boarding House Reach Review

Jack White, king of experimentation, wanders into a new type of sound with his recent album Boarding House Reach. White’s unique oddity seems like it may be an acquired taste, and those expecting him to crank out another “Seven Nation Army” are most likely to be disappointed. The electrifying blend of black roots meeting White’s signature dark rock makes this record inherently weird. The head-first … Continue reading Jack White Boarding House Reach Review

Leon Bridges Good Thing Review

Leon Bridges has been God’s gift to music for the past three years. The DFW native came to the forefront of modern R&B with his debut Coming Home which blended classic style soul with modern R&B, which left critics and fans in awe of his seamless binding of origin stories, religious connections, and modern love. Since the debut, Leon Bridges has been a featured artist … Continue reading Leon Bridges Good Thing Review